· CONTROLTM covers every operational aspect of your business: Palletized Picking; Accounting Interface; Buying Group Interface; Dynamic Routing; Sheltered Income; Food Show; Automatic Purchasing; Laptop System; Coupon Points; Monitor Penetration vs. Budget; Inventory Allocations; Remote Order Entry; Personal Computer Interfaces and much more.


·  CONTROLTM is flexible! It allows for: 6 ways to perform order entry; 4 ways to pick; 3 ways to invoice customers; unlimited pricing and commission methods; over 200 variable reports from which to pick and choose, as well as 70 different modules to meet every need.


·  You deal with ONE professional vendor who speaks your language. NDS supplies everything: the appropriate hardware, software, on-site operator training, 24 hour a day system and operator support, custom modifications when needed.


·  Because of its maturity and extensive use proven user base, CONTROLTM comes with written assurance that it will work precisely as specified!


·  No matter where you are, NDS can support you promptly, professionally and around-the-clock. Our large customer base is already located in 47 states, plus Canada and Bermuda.


·  A use proven, easy-to-learn turnkey package. We provide a technical staff so that you do not have to!