Specializing in Computer Solutions for the Food Service Distribution Industry

Leading the FUTURE with State-of-the-Art Computer Solutions for the Food Service Distribution  Industry.

Our Software provides all the unique features you need; Covers EVERY operational aspect of your business; offers FLEXIBLE features to meet your UNIQUE needs; and we provide 24-Hour Customer Support.

CONTROLTM  Your Business

CONTROLTM  Your Future


A use proven, easy-to-learn turnkey package. We provide the Technical Staff so that you don’t have to!


Over 200 firms internationally use CONTROLTM ... living proof that CONTROLTM has all the unique features and capabilities you need!

Our customers include: Full line; Produce; Meat; Poultry; Seafood; Tobacco and Candy; Bakery products; Processors; Coffee; Restaurant Supply; Concessionaires; Ice Cream and many other Specialty Firms.

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