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What our Users have to say about us ...

"We were able to eliminate a truck and a driver within the first 6 months using your system."

"Over the years your system has kept pace with our ever changing needs as we grew from 3 million to 75 million in sales."

"The sheltered income program found $4,000 per month that we were previously unable to track."

"Thanks to your system, we reduced our inventory $300,000 this year, and our margins are up."

"When a customer calls, we now have immediate information on anything that they want to know."

"Among the reasons why I bought your system was the obvious fact that you [NDS] knew more about my business than I did."

"I think the fact that we now have 10 systems and no technical people really speaks of the quality and ease of use of your sysem."

"Our business is now far more profitable and because of your support staff, this is the first time I have been able to take a vacation and not have to call the office several times a day."


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